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Looking to buy or sell used FRECH Machines?

Here you can find our current available second hand FRECH Machiney. 

FRECH Die-Cast Machines range from cold chamber aluminum, magnesium and hot chamber Zinc and magnesium die casting machines.

  • FRECH Traditional Hot Chamber Zinc (Zamak) models include the: DAW 5, DAW 20, DAW 50, DAW 63, DAW 80, DAW 125, DAW 200, DAW 315 and DAW 500.
  • FRECH Electrically driven machines  (all electric no hydraulics) range from 20 to 125 tons, and include models like: DAW 20 E, DAW 80 E, DAW 125 E.
  • FRECH special hybrid product line of machine taking advantage of the best of the hydraulic series of machines and blending it with the best of the electric series and include modeles: DAM 200 H, DAM 315 H, DAM 500 H, DAW 200 H, DAW 315 H, DAW 500 H.
  • FRECH Hot Chamber Magnesium,including the following models: DAM 80 F, DAM 125 F, DAM 200 F, DAM 315 F, DAM 500 F, DAM 800 F.
  • FRECH Cold Chamber Machine models include: DAK 63, DAK 100, DAK 125, DAK 250, DAK 300, DAK 350, DAK 450, DAK 500, DAK 580, DAK 720, DAK 880, DAK 1100, DAK 1250, DAK 1400, DAK 1600, GDK 2000, GDK 2500 and GDK 3000.

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Images Make Model Year Description Location
Second Hand FRECH DAW 200 for Sale | Asset-Trade
DAW 200 + DAW 63 + DAW 20 Package 1991-1984 Used 3x FRECH Hot Chamber Diecasting machines for sale as package These maschine were compeatly overhauld from FRECH and never went into production and are ideal for zinc-alloy die casting. Technical Data: MAKE... Germany
Used FRECH DAW 50 hot chamber pressure die casting machine 
DAW 50 Die-Casting Machine with Oven 1992 Used FRECH DAW 50 hot chamber pressure die casting machine with Oven - Sprayer: Frech, Model Spraymat 601 - Core pull's prepared - Protection doors - Electrically heated holding furnace - Control:... Germany
Used FRECH DAK 200 H  Cold Chamber Die-Casting machine
DAK 200 H cold chamber die-casting machine 27.07.1989 Used FRECH DAK 200 H - cold chamber die casting machine Hours: ca. 50000h Shot made: about 3-4 000 000 pieces Technical specifications: Control: Data Control Clamping force: 2,200 kN Insertion force 25 ton Plunger... Germany
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