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Asset-Trade has specialized in the Sale of Used WINDSOR injection molding machines and Peripheral Equipment.

WINDSOR is a well-known producer of injection molding machinery all over the world that are required for demanding environments and reliability of "just-in-time" manufacturing and precision of high tolerance molding. Specifically you will find WINDSOR working with companies in the automotive industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the production of technical parts, containers and household products. 

WINDSOR products range for the JSW AD series are all-electric machines of clamping forces (350 - 25,000 kN), and can be combined with a variety of modular injection units of 16 - 120 mm screw diameters.

WINDSOR outstanding features and advantages are:

  • Speed and precision - Cycle time reduction through rapid, highly reproducible parallel movements. The excellent process control means faster cycles and quality yielding more productivity and increased profitability.
  • Economical - Energy savings of roughly 60 % is achieved by high-efficiency electric motors and energy recovery. The applied power is used efficiently without excess electricity usage. The servo drives require no external cooling.
  • Profitability - All-electric machines do not require hydraulic oil, therefore there is no need for oil cooling, storage or disposal.
  • Energy saving - The power consumption of an all-electric injection molding machine is significantly lower than a similarly sized hydraulic machine.
  • Cleanliness - The machines are quiet, clean and emit little heat In operation thus offering improved environmental and working conditions

Contact Asset-Trade today to find your high quality WINDSOR Injection Machinery for your Plastic Processing needs, at reasonable prices.

Images Make Model Year Description Location
Used WINDSOR W650-4120 injection molding machine 1 | Asset-Trade
W650-4120 Injection molder 1991 Used WINDSOR W650-4120 injection molding machine Hours: old counter 78500h / new counter 14566h Clamping force: 6500 kN Screw diameter: 90 mm Mold height: 580 mm min. Opening stroke: 1000 mm lights column spacing:... Germany
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