Assessment and Sale of Used Assets world wide

Asset-Trade's global internet Marketplace

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Asset-Trade is a company which is serving their trusted buyers as well as sellers with used industrial equipment & machinery on almost all types of industrial departments for more than 10 years of service and experience. As this company moved on the top spots in their genre, Robert Kölls (CEO) of Asset-Trade introduced their first fully loaded online marketplace ( so that their products and facilities could be available throughout the globe and as well as an offline services where their products are briefly catalogued with almost every details possible. Asset-Trade not only sales products but also let their partnered top sellers and auctioneers.

Incorporating multiple functions in online marketplace

As it is projected by the (CEO) of Asset-Trade, their goal is to provide an online market place which may be used to achieve the complete goal of not only including buying and selling but also auctioning, financing, shipping as well as redeploying so that the customer or the user may only buy and trade with this company with full satisfactory.  Asset-Trade deals with many variety of industrial machineries like metal, wood, petrochemical, telecommunication, medical, printing, automotive and even food industries that can be small as well as heavy machinery. As per the quality concerned of these second hand machines, before selling each and every product is inspected and tested to their limits with the companies top of the class technologies and with a group qualified engineers to guarantee the full service and quality to work as a new  product.

Asset-Trade is rapidly improving and updating their stock by tying up or partnering with different suppliers around the globe to help the customer choose the right products. They also include many different types of selling platforms such as direct sales to sale directly from the company’s warehouse through the their site, through mails, trade shows which are also organized by their highly trained staffs to briefly describe their products with interactive videos as well as public and online presentations to help the inquisitive customers to better understand and view the product before buying, trade pubs as well as telemarketing facility are also available.  

Asset-Trade has increased significantly and achieved one of the top spots on buying and selling second hand products as due to their variety and range of machinery but also for their trusted and genuine products which promises to work as good as new. As their brand name has expanded, they have successfully dealt with many equipment buyers around the globe and are still aiming to grab more customers with their innovative ideas and business tricks to expand and achieve the No.1 spot with their years of service and expertise.