Assessment and Sale of Used Assets world wide

Asset-Trade’s Professional Appraisal Services Seeking New Glory on International Territories

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Asset-Trade needs no introduction as one of the largest company which is dealing with used industrial machineries with almost all the industrial departments/sectors like iron, wood, chemical, medical, plastic, printing and food industries consisting of both, small as well as big machineries like the CNC machines and the industrial Lathes etc. The company’s main objective is to provide their customers full satisfactory and the best shopping experience with their Global online marketing website ( The company tries to provide the broadest means of service to grab the maximum customers as well as sellers to sell their used machineries through Asset-Trade’s website. Auctioning facility is also available to those who need to buy the entire plant or the full setup of industrial machines, can freely buy or trade with the company as Asset-Trade has partnered with the world’s largest industrial auctioneer “Henry Butcher International” just to ensure the customer to freely trust and rely on their genuine services. 

Consumer requirements met precisely 

As to successfully make the complete and absolute market place of used industrial equipment’s, Asset-Trade has used all of their years of experience and ideas to catch their customers and to never let them go. For that they have implemented many new ideas into their website just to make sure that their customers could get exactly what they are looking for like increasing their variety of stock. Also to make sure that their products should be up to the mark, they had implanted a group of highly talented engineers and modern techniques to refurbish the used products to make them work like new. Not only that, they also provide an offline mode, where most of their products are briefly catalogued.

Pre and after sales service 

Just like every online shopping websites, Asset-Trade has made sure that after every purchase is made it is their duty to pack and then ship the product using the best and reliable courier services to deliver the product to the customer’s door step. Their service doesn’t end here as after delivery, Asset-Trade’s highly skilled workers assemble the product just to earn their customers full support and shopping experience. They also provide the best in class after sales service if any problem occurs to their product. As this is a global site, customers around the world can use the site to buy and sell products with their eyes closed.

Consumer satisfaction guaranteed 

They use modern and attractive business ideas to showcase their company world-wide by making trade shows in many parts of the world where their products are showcased in front of the public to better explain and guide the customer to make the right choice. They also avail direct sales option and telemarketing. Online presentations are also made by their trained employees to help choose the right product for their purpose. All over Asset-Trade is a leading company with many genuine buyers with their useful ideas and their promise for the full customer satisfaction and to provide the complete experience in buying the best used/ refurbished industrial products.