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GLEASON - PFAUTER - Genesis 130 SV Gear Shaving Machine

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Ref. Nr.: 
Genesis 130 SV
Weight (kg): 
11.000 kg

GLEASON Genesis Power Shaving 130 - Gear Shaving Machine

  • Siemens 840D CNC Control
  • Max Gear Dia : 180mm
  • Max Module : 5
  • Total Power : 32W
  • Max Gear Face Width : 50mm
  • Year of Make : 2007/2008

The machine went out of production in 2010 and is there in excellent condition.


The Genesis 130SV(C) Gear Shaving Machine is a compact, highly productive machine for the fine finishing of soft spur and helical gears with an optionally integrated chamfering and deburring station.

  • Simple shaving head design for all shaving processes: plunge, diagonal, underpass and parallel shaving.
  • Innovative work piece indexing system.
  • High-speed loading system to reduce load/unload cycles to a minimum.
  • Direct-drive spindles for reliability and wide speed and torque range.
  • Siemens control with Spheric® Shaving technology software.
  • Small footprint.
  • Easy access service module.
  • Optional POWER SHAVING process for shorter cycle times (plunge shaving).
  • Optional integrated NC controlled chamfering and deburring station.

The Gleason Genises 130SV is designed for the fine finishing of soft spur and helical gears with outside diameters of up to 130 mm.


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Used GLEASON - PFAUTER - Genesis 130 SV Gear Shaving Machine

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