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INDEX - G400 Ration Line

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Ref. Nr.: 
G400 Ration Line
Weight (kg): 
18.000 kg

Used INDEX G400 RatioLine - CNC-Milling & Turing Centere

Operational Hours ca.17.000 h ( 1 Shift operation)
CNC Control - Index C200-4D (Siemens 840D)

Technical Data

Work spindle 1+2 

  • max. bar capacity 102 mm 
  • max. chuck size 500 mm
  • Work area max. turning length 1250 mm
  • Swing diameter 630 mm

Turret 1-3 

  • Number of stations per turret 12 (10)
  • Tool drive 6000 rpm

Multi functional unit 1-2

  • Tool system HSK-A63
  • max. speed  6000 rpm
  • max. power 17 kW
  • Tool magazines 1-2
  • Tooling capacity 32

Motor milling spindle

  • Tool system HSK-A63
  • max. speed 18000 rpm
  • max. power 27.5 kW
  • max. torque 115 Nm
  • Tool magazine x stations max 4 x 20 


  • Thrust 15000 N
  • Mounting 30 (40) SK
  • Steady rest 1+2

Connected power max. 126 kW, 149 kVA, 218 A, 400 V, 50 / 60 Hz

Dimensions L x W x H approx. 6900 x 2670 x 2635 mm 

See PDF for full details

The INDEX RatioLine G series is based on an innovative machine concept: A practiceoriented modular system design allows you to assemble without compromise almost any machine configuration that you may require for economic and future-oriented production. Whether you need a highly productive or a highly flexible turn-mill center for small or large lot sizes:

Highly flexible: G400

  • 2 work spindles, diameter 102 mm
  • 2 turrets
  • 24 tool stations (all live)
  • Turret with Y/B axis and
  • two multifunctional units for live and fixed tools; 64 magazine stations
  • 1 programmable steady rest


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Used INDEX - G400 Ration Line

VAT: 19%
Sold as: Ex Works

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Second Hand INDEX G400 RatioLine for Sale Cheap  Asset-Trade
Second Hand INDEX G400 RatioLine for Sale Cheap  Asset-Trade
Second Hand INDEX G400 RatioLine for Sale Cheap  Asset-Trade
Second Hand INDEX G400 RatioLine for Sale Cheap  Asset-Trade
Second Hand INDEX G400 RatioLine for Sale Cheap  Asset-Trade

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Used INDEX - G400 Ration Line

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Telephone: +49 2151 32 500 33

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