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Weight (kg): 
39.000 kg

Used MAKINO A100E - Horizontal CNC Machining Center

Hours on request

CNC control Fanuc 18M

Technical specifications:

  • Travels X / Y / Z 1700/1350/1400 mm (66.9 "x 53.1" x 55.1 ")
  • Rapid traverse 50,000mm / min (1,970 ipm)
  • Tool holder BT50
  • Max. Spindle speed 20 to 12,000rpm
  • 90x fold tool changer
  • maximum tool size of 300 x 600 mm (11.1 "x 23.6")
  • Pallet size 1000 x 1000mm (39.4 "x 39.4")
  • Table load 5,000kg
  • Max. Piece size 1900 x 1500mm (74.8 "h x 59.1" d)
  • Internal coolant supply IKZ
  • Dimensions: 10223 mm x 4750 mm x 4265 mm
  • Tool-to-tool change time of 1.7 seconds
  • Span-to-chip time of 5.5 seconds.

Machine is in top condition.

Makino A-Serie Highlights

There is just one word for the Makino A100E horizontal machining center (HMC) & huge! The A100E has an over 80-percent larger footprint than other Makino horizontal machining centers. It is also 20-percent heavier than any other Makino A-Series machines, weighing in at a very stable 66,000 lbs. (30,000-kg) which assures stability for high performance machining requirements.

The acceleration performance is fantastic for a machine of this size at 0.4G. The A100E comes standard with Makino GI control feature that allows for high feed rates. Makino™s GI software predicts and accommodates for machine dynamics, and provides previously unattainable feed and accuracy for large parts.

It can handle a maximum tool size of 11.1" x 23.6" (300 x 600 mm), and is ideally suited for large vehicle part manufacturing that needs maximum performance. This includes large diesel engine blocks and structural aerospace components.

Makino A-Series Features

The highly rigid bed of the A100E allows the use of a three-point leveling system and assures precise squareness and straightness in every axis, even when loaded with the heaviest allowable workpieces or during movement. A rear mounted electrical enclosure and maintenance platform facilitates routine preventative maintenance, even on a machine this large.

On a machine of this size, Makino has incorporated all of the industry-leading A-Series horizontal machine technologies. Makinos advanced spindle core cooling system circulates a large volume of temperature controlled cooling oil through the center of the spindle to cool it directly from the inside. Additionally, with under race lubrication, cooling oil flowing through the spindle is circulated through holes in the inner bearing races to lubricate the bearings. The adoption of this cooling and lubrication technology combined with core-cooled ball screws makes it possible to achieve greater rigidity, enhanced accuracy and faster machining speeds.

A center trough positioned directly under the table allows for efficient chip removal, even in dry machining conditions. The scraper conveyor in the trough efficiently evacuates all chips and coolant outside the machine. Fine chips are also efficiently handled by the second layer conveyor and drum filter.

The A-Series machining centers are Makino answer to high-productivity machining for a wide range of components. With high metal removal rates, fast feedrates, greater accuracy, greater stability and increased overall productivity, Makinos machining centers provide demonstrably higher quality, shorter time-to-market, and the flexibility to meet changing production volumes, shorter part life cycles and reduced machining costs.

Makino is a global provider of advanced machining technology and application support for the metalcutting and die

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Buyers Premium: +16%
VAT: 19%
Sold as: CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight - Incoterm)

Images of Used Machinery:

Second Hand MAKINO A100E for sale cheap | Asset-Trade
Second Hand MAKINO A100E for sale cheap | Asset-Trade
Second Hand MAKINO A100E for sale cheap | Asset-Trade
Second Hand MAKINO A100E for sale cheap | Asset-Trade
Second Hand MAKINO A100E for sale cheap | Asset-Trade
Second Hand MAKINO A100E for sale cheap | Asset-Trade
Second Hand MAKINO A100E for sale cheap | Asset-Trade

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Telephone: +49 2151 32 500 33

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