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ROBBI - R 2000 /C Line Boring Machine

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R 2000 /C

Used ROBBI R 2000 / C  Line Boring Machine

Technical Data:

  • Maximum monoblock length      2200    
  • Min distance of the bar base axis     mm     400
  • Max distance of the bar stand axis     mm     800
  • Reamed diameters with bars and heads     mm     22 - 200
  • Spindle rotation speed (n.6)    r / min    95 - 150 - 220 - 320 - 366-540
  • Advancement: quick manual    mm / rev    100
  • Advancement: micrometric manual    mm / rev    0.1
  • 2 automatic advances    mm / rev    0.05-0.1
  • Maximum spindle travel    mm    430
  • Electric motor power    cv    1.5
  • Boring bars: drm.22mm / drm.30mm / drm.50mm (with adaptations to further diameters)

Additionally many accessories see pictures in the appendix


  • Electrical system with low voltage controls 24V 
  • Grinding wheel speed 0-1700 rpm 
  • 5.5 kW motor with inverter Ball 
  • recirculating screw for table movement 
  • Stop at the end of the pass with the search for the tool position 
  • Motorized lifting of the wheel head door 
  • Sliding doors Door 
  • disc tools complete with 2 tool holders: CBN insert for cast iron, PCD insert for aluminum
  • CBN pass depth
  • control comparator Head displacement control device with comparator 
  • Pair of positioning supports height 100 mm with bolts 
  • 4 locking brackets 
  • Series of splash guards 
  • Service keys series 
  • Instruction manual

The machine base is in stabilized cast iron, very robust to ensure stability and insensitivity to vibrations.

Placement Piece
The approximate centering is obtained by means of cones to be applied on the bar while the precise centering is obtained by means of two universal centering devices with comparator. 
A bridge-shaped comparator-holder ensures perfect alignment of the bar with respect to the mono-block plane.

Head of Command
The head is mounted on a support that can be oriented both vertically and transversely, thus allowing a quick and precise alignment. 
The control elements are grouped on the head making the preparation for processing simple and practical. 
The spindle is equipped with two end stops. 
The lubrication of the head is automatic

Bar supports
The bar supports can be moved across the worktop and are vertically adjustable. 
The bar bearing bushes are adjustable with the possibility of oscillating and moving transversely to obtain a rapid alignment.

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Used ROBBI - R 2000 /C Line Boring Machine

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Second Hand ROBBI R2000/C  Line Boring Machine for Sale | Asset-Trade
Second Hand ROBBI R2000/C  Line Boring Machine for Sale | Asset-Trade
Second Hand ROBBI R2000/C  Line Boring Machine for Sale | Asset-Trade
Second Hand ROBBI R2000/C  Line Boring Machine for Sale | Asset-Trade
Second Hand ROBBI R2000/C  Line Boring Machine for Sale | Asset-Trade
Second Hand ROBBI R2000/C  Line Boring Machine for Sale | Asset-Trade

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Used ROBBI - R 2000 /C Line Boring Machine

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