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SCHENK - VIRIO 100 balancing machine

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Used SCHENCK VIRIO 100 - vertical balancing machine

Technical Data:

  • Max. diameter 810 mm
  • Max. weight 100 kg
  • Speeds 120-1200 rpm
  • Measuring precision DIN 1319 (1 plan) 4-10 gmm
  • Measuring precision DIN 1319 (2 plan) 6-15 gmm
  • Motor power 4 Kw

For balancing of rotors and others like that.

Equipped with:

  • Measuring system CAB 820 V
  • Touch screen - for Windows standard

The machine was never put into production and is like new.

Virio – ultra-modern and flexible balancing of disc shaped rotors

With the VIRIO, we have laid the foundations for the next generation of vertical balancing machines. With the innovative characteristics of the VIRIO and our 100 years of experience in balancing, we are meeting the changing requirements of the market. Convince yourself of the result: a vertical balancing machine which is easier to operate, with improved accuracy and offers you even greater flexibility.The benefits at a glance:

  • Compact design
  • Ergonomic operating concept
  • Versatile correction procedures
  • Infinitely variable speed regulation
  • Easy installation

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Used SCHENK - VIRIO 100 balancing machine

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Second Hand SCHENCK VIRIO 100 cheap balancing machine | Asset-Trade

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Used SCHENK - VIRIO 100 balancing machine

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