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SEUTHE - MAS-RS30 HF Pipe welding line

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Used VAI-SEUTHE MAS-RS30 HF & tube welding line


Overhauld in 2006

Technical specifications:

  • Bandwidth: min. 78mm - Max. 140mm
  • Strip thickness: min. 1,0mm - Max. 3,0mm

strip quality

  • Tensile strength: max. 600N / mm2
  • Yield strength: max. 300N / mm2

finished product

  • Round tubes: min.ø20 - Max. ø45,3
  • Square tubes: min. 20x20mm - Max. 35x35
  • Rectangular tubes: min. 30x10 - Max. 40x30 
  • Line speed: max.85m / min
  • Overall length: ca.75m

Line components:

  1. Butt welding machine Ideal AS 15 B
  2. Einformlinie consisting of:
    • BreakDown: 4 stands with intermediate stands
    • FinPass: 3 stands with intermediate stands
    • Drives: group drive
  3. High frequency welding system consisting of:
    • Slot tube guide Upsetting roll cradle
    • External scraper 2-fold
    • suction
  4. Calibration station consisting of:
    • 4 calibration stand with side closer
    • Twist scaffolding
    • group drive
  5. Turk's head scaffolding consisting of:
    • 4 Turk head scaffolding + change stands unmotivated
    • Live flying saw
  6. Bundling system consisting of:
    • Zuführrollgang cross conveyor
    • Automatic bundling 4kt./6kt
    • Automatic storage transport
    • length about 10m
  7. Tool sets consisting of:
    • BreakDown molding kits
    • Compression roller sets steel / ceramic calibration kits
    • Turk head profile roller sets
    • Clamping sleeve sets for saw
  8. Control panels consisting of:
    • Indentation / HF / calibration saw
    • Emulsion cleaning system
  9. Flexible tube winding station RS30

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Used SEUTHE - MAS-RS30 HF Pipe welding line

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Secodn Hand  VIA SEUTHE Tupe Welding Line | Asset-Trade

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Used SEUTHE - MAS-RS30 HF Pipe welding line

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